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EXPOSICIONES - EN | Laura Gonzalo - Part 2

Laura Gonzalo |



Can Gruart Cultural Center

Can Gruart Cultural Center

  Individual exhibition « Screams in silence » (Vilablareix, Girona)

«Flors I Violes»

Laura Gonzalo Expo Flors i Violes

Popular event taking place every year on which a local team, composed by previously selected artists, performs artistic installations on different city locations. It’s an event where painting, sculpture, music and live performance come at par. « Museu del Suro » and « Cal Ganxó » (Palafrugell, Girona)

“Spring Art International Exhibition”


Albons Hotel. Organized by Desat’art, a cultural association from Figueres. More than fifty artists from different countries present high quality selected works (Albons)

“Arte en Femenino”


Collective exhibition at Cuixart’s Foundation (Palafrugell, Girona)  

“Tots Pintem”


Charitable collective exhibition. Artist’s paintings sold at auction. The collection is fully destined to children dining halls. Sponsored by Focus Engelhorn Foundation, Palafrugell’s municipality and the « Bonart Cultural » magazine, and advertised on the press. Cuixart’s Foundation (Palafrugell, Girona)

“Espai D’Art La Plaça”


  Individual exhibition « Women ». (Sant Feliu de Boada, Girona)

“Tots Pintem”

Laura Gonzalo Expo Tots Pintem

Charitable action. Live painting of wood sculptures for later sell at auction. The sold sculpture collection was destined to “Cáritas” in order to help children dining halls. (Sant Feliu de Boada, Girona)


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