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Art is ephemeral yet eternal, it enriches our spirit but shrinks our pocket, drains our energy but nourishes our soul. It is a contradiction, as contradictory as any human being yet despite all I cannot help loving it – I feel it, I live it and I suffer it.

The journey I make as an artist follows the journey I make through life. You could say that it is my way of keeping a diary – a diary where I write poems in colour which reflect the colour of my feelings and emotions, frustrations and sins. It sets me free, gives me a space where chaos rearranges itself into order and complex thoughts become simple.

From my point of view being an artist is not a profession, it is a passion. To create one needs passion and of course much work and effort. Passion becomes necessity and painting is for me a necessity. I cannot imagine life without painting despite my other interests such as sculpture, writing or theatre. Each of these could be the project of a lifetime and time is a factor for a creator. I chose painting because it is the creative language with which I most identify, where I can be most authentic and express myself more freely and sincerely.

Painting is an interior journey – free of prejudice and free of any fear of being judged. It is a silent cry, a visual dialogue with the viewer. The viewer does not always receive, interpret or feel the experience I seek to provoke and that is as it should be since in front of a painting there should be the opportunity to enjoy one’s own experience, to live one’s own emotions and feelings, to let oneself go, uninfluenced by any discussions of the painting. For me giving the public the freedom to contemplate my work is as important as my freedom to create it.

Laura Gonzalo

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