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Laura Gonzalo Pintora de Girona (Cataluña)


Art is ephemeral yet eternal, it enriches our spirit but shrinks our pocket, drains our energy but nourishes our soul. It is a contradiction, as contradictory as any human being yet despite all I cannot help loving it - I feel it, I live it and I suffer it. The journey I make as an artist follows the journey I make through life. You could say that it is my way of keeping a diary - a diary where I write poems in colour which reflect the colour of my feelings and emotions, frustrations and sins. It sets me free, gives me a space where chaos rearranges itself into order and complex thoughts become simple.


The union of art, life and women is present at all times, sometimes with works of a clearly sexual nature, and others with rather melancholic air transmitted through imaginary worlds where frustrations and longing for freedom They go hand in hand.

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The title of the show reflects the artist's vindication intention, which breaks a spear in favor of women who still "drag the weight of an education where the labels of what is considered correct and what is considered inappropriate mark their ways of to do and to live, but not to feel, and this becomes a source of frustrations and an impediment when it comes to achieving their personal fulfillment. "

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The thread of these works is, on the one hand, the color and on the other the theme: the woman. It is a reflection on the burden that the current woman supports due to the social pressure, a fight between the right and the inadequate that we freed as we make our way to the pursuit of our individual accomplishment.

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Sample of the works of the artist Laura Gonzalo

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