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Laura Gonzalo started painting when she was a child – by the age of fourteen she was being taught by the artist, Josep Puig. She started at Olot School of Arts and Crafts and then took various specialist courses (The School of Ceramics at Bisbal d’Empordà, the Municipal School of Art at Girona etc,) to improve her technical knowledge. However she considers herself largely self taught since she gave up her artistic studies in order to travel. Driven by her desire to discover and experiment she sought to learn through cultural exchanges and by associating with other artists rather than in the classroom.

During her career she has employed various techniques and worked with all media but declares a preference for oil painting and for collage. Her artistic journey has taken her through various phases to reach her present style. At the beginning her paintings were realistic and concerned with everyday life – thematically very different from her present work which has evolved into something with a more personal and intimate slant (concerned with yearnings, fears and dreams) which has its own characteristic style. The strong chromatic effect, the symbolism and the personal charge produces work which bears the unmistakable mark of its creator.

The most significant phase to date is represented by a series of paintings centred on women. Part of this collection was exhibited in 2015 in Girona, a sample of about fifty works which together represented a cry for attention to one of today’s most important questions – the increasing social and emotional burdens which have fallen on women’s shoulders during recent decades.

Although her work reflects the hours spent in the solitude of her studio, she has cooperated with other artists on many occasions, notably in the projects in 2015 and 2016, “Flors i violes” (Palafrugell) and “Temps de Flors” (Girona).

The artistic goal of Laura Gonzalo is to transport the public into her worlds – perhaps providing a healing path for anyone who invades her soul and the intimacy of her thoughts.


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